Q2. Complete the following table and discuss how their work is different.

NamePlace of workEarningSecurity of workBenefits receivedWork on their own or employed
Bachchu ManjhiRoad100/dayno securityno benefitsown
Harpreet VandanaShowroomFlexiblesecuredplanning to by a flat and carown
NirmalaGarment factory80/dayno securityearn extra money by overtimeemployed
SudhaCompany officeRegular salarysecuredholidays, medical facilitiesemployed

Q3. In what ways is a permanent and regular job different from a casual job? Discuss.

Ans. In a permanent job an employee gets a regular salary and other benefits such as paid holidays, medical facilities and pension whereas in casual job there is no job security, poor working conditions and long working hours.

Q4. What benefits does Sudha get along with her salary?


  • pension facility
  • medical facility for her family
  • some paid holidays annually

Q5. Fill in the following table to show the services provided by people in markets which you visit frequently.


Name of the shop or officeNature of the service provided
Garment showroomIt provided clothes as required by the customer
Shop selling utensils, footwear, electronic goods etc.provide household things
BanksAccepts deposits and give loans