Urban administration

Q1. Why did the children go to yasmin khala’s house?

Ans. The children broke the street light while playing cricket. They didn’t  know whom did the street light belong to so they go to yasmin khala’s house because she has just retired from the municipal corporation.

Q2. List four ways in which the work of municipal corporation affects the life of a city dweller.


It takes care of street lights.

It ensures that diseases do not break out in the city.

It runs schools, hospitals and dispensaries.

It takes care of garbage collection and water supply.

Q3. Who is a municipal councillor?

Ans.  A municipal councillor is an elected representative of a ward. He is also known as ward councillor.

Q4. What did gangabai do and why?

Ans. Ganga bai and other women of her locality were very much unhappy with the garbage problem of there area. One day she gathered a small group of women and went to ward councillor’s house to get their problem solved.

Q5. How does the municipal corporation earn the money to do its work? Ans. To earn money municipal corporation levies taxes on property, water and other services.