Who are Parthians ? (Pahlavas) in India.

Origin and migration

Sakas forced to overrunning the parthians

Due to this parthians migrated from central asia to india and known as pahlavas or indo-parthians

Pahlavas or parthians came from parthia or north-eastern iran

Gondophares-i (19 ad- 46 ad)-

Established pahlavas dynasty in india

Most famous ruler

He was known as king of kings, this means he had many subordinate kings

Saint thomas came to india during his reign

Saint thomas

A syrian christian missionary

Disciple of jesus christ

First christian who visited india

Marco polo

Italian explorer

Born in 1254 ad (venice)

Died in 1324 ad (venice)

Mentioned in his text that while on the way to china

He visited india and saw saint thomas tomb in chennai

Indo-parthians kingdom consists of

Punjab region

Some parts of afganistan 


  • Their capital was takshila (taxila) and kabul.
  • Pahlavas issued silver coins in india.
  • Sakas and pahlavas used the satrap system in their ruling.