Q1. What made Swapna sell the cotton to the trader instead of selling at the Kurnool cotton market?

Ans. Swapna had borrowed money from a local trader at the beginning of the cropping season on the condition that she would sell all her cotton to him.

Q2. Describe the conditions of employment as well as the wages of workers in the garment exporter factory. Do you think the worker get a fair deal?

Ans. The working hours is also long i.e. 10 to 12 hours, they don’t have job security. they also work in unhygienic conditions. I don’t think that these workers get a fair deal. they are exploited.

Q3. Think of something common that we use. it could be sugar, tea, milk, pen, paper, pencil etc. Discuss through what chain of markets this reaches you. can you think of people that help in the production or trade?

Ans. We can take a example of sugar.

  • Farmers grow sugarcane. after the harvest is ready.
  • They sell it to the sugar mill owners who with the help of workers produce sugar.
  • The wholesale traders buy this sugar in bulk.
  • The wholesaler then sell it to the retailers.
  • Now consumers get sugar from these retailers.
  • Thus the chain of market is created.
  • the people who help in the production is sugar-mill owners, workers, wholesalers and retailers.