Q1. Can you think of one person in your family, community, village, town or city whom you respect because of their fight for equality and justice?

Ans. Medha Patkar.

Q2. What issue is the Tawa Matsya sangh (TMS) fighting for?

Ans. TMS is fighting for the issue of equality.

Q3. Why did the villagers set up this organization?

Ans. The villagers set up this organization to protect their rights.

Q4. Do you think that the large scale participation of villagers has contributed to the success of the TMS? Write two lines on why you think so.

Ans. Yes, i think so because whenever people stand together to fight an issue, no one can come in their way. Unity gives strength and finally success.

Q5. Read the following linesof the poem and answer the questions that follow.

a) What is your favorite line in the above song?

Ans. My hunger has the right to know.

b) What does the poet mean when he says, “My hunger has the right to know”?

Ans. The poet means that a sufferer must have a right to know the cause of his suffering.

Q6. What role does the constitution play in people’s struggle for equality?

Ans. Our constitution recognises the equality of all persons and provide equality and justice for all. These provisions boost the morale of strugglers to fight for equality.