What is Shaivism ? Hindu sect

Those who worshiped shiva known as shaiva

In rigveda lord shiva known as rudra

In atharva veda lord shiva also known as-





First ever description of linga worship

Found in matsya purana

Archaeological evidence found in harappa civilisation

4 shaiva cults according to vaman purana –                                           





Pashupat cult

Most ancient cult of shaivas

Followers known as ‘pancharthik’

Sacred text is pashupat sutra

Cult was established by lakulish

Who was considered one among the 18 embodiments of shiva

Kapalik cult-

Preciding god of kapalik’s was bhairav

Main center of this cult was sri shell

Kalamukh cult

According to shiv purana the followers of kalamukh cult is known as ‘mahavratdhar’

Followers of this cult taking meals in human skull

They rub human body ashes on their body

Lingayat cult

Lingayat cult found in southern india

They are also known as jangam

Natha cult

In 10th century ad matsyendranath established nath cult and promoted by baba gorakhnath


Shaiva religion was very popular in southern india

Cholas pallavas chalukya and rastrakuta dynasties followed and promoted shaiva religion rastrakutas constructed kailash temple in ellora maharastra

Chola king rajraja-i constructed rarajeshwar temple in tanjore

Shaiv religion promoted by nayanar saints.