Q1. What is the work of police?

Ans. The police maintains law and order to establish peace in the society.

Q2. List two things that the work of a patwari includes.


  • He measures land and keeps land records.
  • he maintains the collection of land revenue from the farmers.

Q3. What is the work of a tehsildar?


  • Tehsildar has to hear the disputes.
  • He supervises the work of a patwari.
  • students can obtain their caste certificates from the tehsildar’s office.

Q4. What issue is the poem trying to raise? Do you think this is an important issue? why?


  • The poem raises the issue of rights for a girl child.
  • Yes it is an important issue because most people of our society discriminated between boys and girls on the issue of inheritance and on paternal properties.
  • Dowry is not a compensation to a girl child it should be abolished.

Q5. In what ways the work of panchayat, That you read about in the previous chapter and the work of the patwari related to each other?


  • The patwari maintains the collection of land revenue from the farmers and provide the information to the government about the crops grown in the area.
  • With this information panchayat finalises it’s developmental plans of the village.

Q6. Visit a police station and find out the work that the police have to do to prevent crime and maintain law and order in their area specially during festivals public meetings etc.


  • Police installed cctv cameras in different areas to keep watch on the activities on the people.
  • The police become more active and vigilant at that time.
  • To control the mob they barricade the area.

Q7. Who is in-charge of all the police stations in a district? Find out.

Ans. SP (superintendent of Police).

Q8. How do women benefit under the new law?

Ans. Under the new law, Sons, Daughters and their mother can get an equal share in the land in the paternal property.

Q9. In your neighbourhood are there women who own property? How did they acquire it?

Ans. There is a woman in my neighborhood who owns property. She has acquired a part of this property from her parents and the rest property she has acquired with her own labour and hard work.