Rajput dynasties and states | Indian history [short notes for UPSC]

Sena Dynasty-

  • Ruled From Bengal During 11th And 12th Century
  • Was A Hindu Dynasty
  • Rulers Are Brahmins But While Ruling They Worked As Kshatriya
  • Lakhnauti Was The Capital
  • Had Their Origin In Karnataka
  • Ruled Over Most Of The North Eastern Region
  • Decline Of Pala Dynasty In Bengal Gave The Opportunity To Establish Their Control Over Rarh Region.
  • Govardhana Composed ‘Arya Saptsati’.

Samanta Sena (1070 Ad-1095 Ad)-

  • Sena Dynasty Was Established By Samanta Sen At Rarh.
  • Samanta Sen Also Called ‘Brahmkshtriya’.

Hemanta Sena (1095 Ad-1096 Ad)-

  • He Was The Son And Successor Of Samanta Sena.

Vijaya Sena (1096 Ad- 1159 Ad)-

  • The Successor And Son Of Hemanta Sena
  • The Successor Of Samanta Sen
  • He Was The Follower Of Shaiva Cult Of Hindu Religion
  • Constructed A Lake And A Lord Shiva Temple At Devapada But Bakhtyar Khilji Destroyed During The Attack On Lakhnauti In 1202.

Vijaya Sen Had 2 Sub Capitals They Were-

  • Vikrampuri
  • Vijaypuri
  • Sriharsha Composed The Vijaya Prashasti In The Praise Of Vijaya Sen.

Ballala Sena (1159 Ad – 1178 Ad)-

  • The Successor Of Vijaya Sen
  • Married With Ramadevi A Chalukya Princess

He Composed The Books Named-

  1. Adbhut Sagar’ In 1168 Ad
  2. Dan Sagar’ In 1169 Ad
  • He Promoted The Caste System
  • He Ended The Pala Empire By Defeating Govindapala
  • His Kingdom Had 5 Provinces

Lakshmana Sena (1178 Ad-1206 Ad)-

  • Got The Throne In 1178 Ad
  • Son And Successor Of Ballala Sena
  • Successfully Defends The Bakthyar Khilji Invasion
  • Completed The Book ‘Adbhut Sagar’ Which Was Started By His Father
  • Halalyudha Was His Judge And Minister
  • Jaideva Was His Court Poet
  • Jaideva Composed ‘Geetgovinda’.
  • Feudatories Revolts Occurred During His Reign
  • Due To These Revolts Some Of The Area Became Independent.

Vishwarupa Sena (1206 Ad-1225 Ad)-

  • He Was The Successor Of Lakshmana Sena.

Keshava Sena (1225 Ad- 1230 Ad)-

  • He Was The Successor Of Vishwarupa Sena.
  • He Was The Last Ruler Of Sena Dynasty.

Gahadavala Dynasty-

File:Map of the Gahadavalas.png - Wikimedia Commons


  • The Founder Of The Gahadavala Dynasty In 1080-85 Ad
  • Defeated The Rastrakuta Ruler Govinda
  • Collected Turuskdanda Tax From Muslims
  • Gahadavala’s Capital Was Kannuj And Varanasi.
  • Gahadavala Dynasty Was Ruled Over The Present Day Uttar Pradesh And Bihar Areas.


  • Famous Gahadavala Ruler
  • Laxmidhar Was His Minister
  • Laxmidhar Composed ‘Kalpdruma Vidhi’.
  • Laxmidhar Was The Court Poet Of ‘Sriharsha’.
  • Sriharsha Composed ‘Naishad Charita’.


  • Got The Throne In 1170 Ad
  • The Last Ruler Of Gahadavala Dynasty
  • Sanyogita Was The Daughter Of Jayachanda Was Kidnapped By Prithviraj Chauhan.
  • In The Battle Of Chandavur In 1193-94 Mohamad Gauri Defeated And Killed Jayachanda.
  • Harishchanda The Son Of Jayachanda Was Ruled Under Mohamad Gauri.

Chauhan Dynasty-

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Prithviraj Chauhan
  • Vasudeva Founded The Chauhan Dynasty In 6th Century Ad At Shakambhari Near Ajmer.
  • Ahichatra Was The Capital Of Vasudeva.
  • First Independent Ruler Was Vakpatiraja-I.
  • The Famous Ruler Was Vigrahraja-Iii.
  • Vigrahraja-Iii Composed ‘Harikeli’.
  • Somdev Was The Court Poet Of Vigrahraja-Iii.
  • Somdev Composed ‘Lalit Vigraha’.
  • Ajmer City Was Established By Ajaypal.
  • Arnoraja Defeated The Army Of Sultan Mehmud Near Ajmer.
  • Arnoraja Was Killed By His Son Jagdeva.
  • The Last Ruler Of the Chauhan Dynasty Was Prithvairaja-Iii.
  • Prithviraj Chauhan Constructed The Shikhara Of Jain Temple Of Ranthambore.
  • Chandarbardai Was The Court Poet Of Prithvairaja-Iii.
  • Chandarbardai Composed ‘Prithvirajraso’.
  • Jainaka Was The Royal Court Poet Composed ‘Prithviraj Vijaya’.
  • Prithviraj-Iii Defeated Chandel Ruler Parmardideva.
  • Warrior Alha And Udal Were Killed In This War.
  • In The 1st Battle Of Tarine In 1191 Ad Prithviraja-Iii Defeated Mohamad Gauri.
  • In The 2nd Battle Of Tarine In 1192 Ad Prithviraja-Iii Defeated By Mohamad Gauri.

List of Chauhan Rulers-

Vasu-Deva (6th Century Ad)

Samanta-Raja (684-709 Ad)

Nara-Deva (709-721 Ad)

Ajaya-Raja I (721-734 Ad)

Vigraha-Raja I (734-759 Ad)

Chandra-Raja I (759-771 Ad)

Gopendra-Raja (771-784 Ad)

Durlabha-Raja I (784-809 Ad)

Govinda-Raja I (809-836 Ad)

Chandra-Raja Ii (836-863 Ad)

Govindaraja Ii (863-890 Ad)

Chandana-Raja (890-917 Ad)

Vakpati-Raja (917-944 Ad)

Simha-Raja (944-971 Ad)

Vigraha-Raja Ii (971-998 Ad)

Durlabha-Raja Ii (998-1012 Ad)

Govinda-Raja Iii (1012-1026 Ad)

Vakpati-Raja Ii (1026-1040 Ad)

Viryarama (1040 Ad)

Chamunda-Raja (1040-1065 Ad)

Durlabha-Raja Iii (1065-1070 Ad)

Vigraha-Raja Iii (1070-1090 Ad)

Prithvi-Raja I (1090-1110 Ad)

Ajaya-Raja Ii (1110-1135 Ad)

Arno-Raja (1135-1150 Ad)

Jagad-Deva (1150 Ad)

Vigraha-Raja Iv (1150-1164 Ad)

Apara-Gangeya (1164-1165 Ad)

Prithvi-Raja Ii (1165-1169 Ad)

Someshvara (1169-1178 Ad)

Prithvi-Raja Iii (1178-1192 Ad) Also Known As Prithviraj Chauhan

Govinda-Raja Iv (1192 Ad)

Hari-Raja (1193-1194 Ad)

Parmar Dynasty-

File:Map of the Paramaras.png - Wikimedia Commons
  • Upendra Krishnaraja Founded The Parmar Dynasty.
  • Ujjain Was The Capital Of Parmars.
  • Siyak Was The First Independent Ruler.
  • Parmars Was The Feudatories Of Rastrkutas Of Deccan.
  • Munj Defeated Huns.
  • Munj Defeated Chalukya Ruler Of Kalyani Taila-Ii 6 Times.
  • Munj Assumed The Titles Of-
  1. Sri Vallabh
  2. Prithvi Vallabh
  3. Amoghvarsha
  • The Writers And Scholars In The Royal Court Of Munj Were-
  1. Padamgupta Parimal
  2. Dhanjay
  3. Dhanik
  • Navsahsank Charita’ Was Composed By Padamgupta Parimal.
  • ‘Dusrupaka’ Was Composed By Dhanjay.
  • ‘Yashorupavloka’ Was Composed By Dhanik.
  • Sindhuraja The Younger Brother Of Munj Got The Throne In 995 Ad.
  • Sindhuraja Assumed The Title Of-
  1. Sahsank
  2. Kumar Narayna
  • Bhoj Parmar Established Dhara Nagri And Made Its Capital.
  • Bhoj Parmar Contructed-
  1. Someshwar Temple
  2. Kedareshwar Temple
  3. Somnath Temple
  4. Rameshwar Temple
  5. Sundhar Temple
  6. Bhojpur City
  7. Bhoj Sagar Lake
  • Bhoj Parmar Also Known By ‘Kaviraja’.
  • Bhoj Parmar Composed-
  1. Saraswati Kanthabharan
  2. Siddhant Sangrah
  3. Samarang Sutradhar
  4. Ayurved Sarvasv
  • Dhar City Was Also Known As ‘Literature Of Mecca ‘In Bhoj Parmar Reign.
  • Malwa Became The Part Of Delhi Sultanate In 1305 Ad.

Chandel Dynasty-

  • Nannuk Was The Founder Of Chandel Dynasty In 831 Ad.
  • They Ruled Over The Region Of Bundelkhand Between 9th To 13th Centuries.
  • Chandels Were The Feudatories Of Gurjara Pratiharas Of Kannuj.
  • Khajuraho Was The Capital Of Chandels.
  • Dhangdeva Shifted Hi Capital From Kalinger To Khajuraho.


  • Made Its Capital Mahoba
  • Defeated Pratihara Ruler Devpala
  • He Was The First Independent Ruler Of the Chandel Dynasty
  • Dhangdeva Was The Famous And 1st Sovereign Ruler Of Chandel Dynasty.
  • Dhangdeva Constructed-
  1. Jinnnath Temple
  2. Vishwanath Temple
  3. Vaidhnath Temples
  • Khajuraho Temples Was The Famous Temples Of Chandel Rulers.
  • The Warriors Alha And Udal Were Reside In The Court Of Parmardideva.
  • Qutubuddin Aybak Captured Kalinjar In 1202 Ad.
  • The Last Ruler Of the Chandel Dynasty Was Virwarman-Ii.
  • Finally Alauddin Khilji Annexed Chandel Dynasty In His Empire In 1309 Ad.
  • The Inscriptions Of Chandel Dynasty Was Found At-
  1. Kalinjar
  2. Banda
  3. Mahoba
  4. Ajaygarh
  5. Khajuraho

Solanki Dynasty (Chalukya)-

  • Solanki Dynasty Ruled During 940 Ad To 1244 Ad.
  • Mulraja-I Was The Founder Of Chalukya Of Gujrat/Solanki Dynasty In 942 Ad.
  • Mulraja-I Was The Follower Of Shaiva Cult Of Hindu Religion.
  • Anhilwad (At Present Patan) Was The Capital Of Chalukya.
  • Solanki’s Ruled Over The Parts Of Present Day-
  1. Gujrat
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Rajasthan
  • Bhim-I Was The Ruler Of Gujrat At The Time Of Mehmud Ghajnavi’s Invasion.


  • Got The Throne In 1094 Ad
  • Assumed The Title Of ‘Siddhraja’
  • Famous Jaina Saint Hemchandra Suri Resides In His Court
  • Constructed Famous Rudramahakal Temple
  • Constructed A Mandap On Mountabu


  • Established The Ahmedabad City
  • Last Hindu Ruler Of Gujrat
  • Kamladevi (Queen Of Karna) And Deval Devi (Aughter Of Karna) Was Kidnapped By Alauddin Khilji
  • Mulraja-Ii Of Gujrat Defeated Mohamad Gauri In 1178 Ad.
  • The Minister Of Bhim-Ii Was Vastupala And Tejpala.
  • Vimal Jain Temple Of Mount Abu Was Constructed By Vastupala And Tejpala.
  • Sun Temple Of Modhera Was Constructed By Chalukyas.


  • Constructed Both Hindu And Jaina Temples
  • After His Death, The Kingdom Was Weakened By Rebellions By Its Feudatories
  • After 1240 Ad Baghelas Who Earlier Served As A Commander Of Chalukyas Upsurped The Power And Established Their Dynasty.

Kalchuri Dynasty (Chedi Dynasty)-

  • Kokkal Founded The Kalchuri (Chedi) Dynasty In 845 Ad.
  • Rulers Of Chedi Dynasty Of Kalchuri Also Known As-
  1. Haihay
  2. The Ruler Of Dahal Mandala
  • Tripuri Was The Capital Of the Chedi Dynasty.
  • Kalchuri Dynasty Ruled Over The Parts Of-
  1. Gujrat
  2. Madhya Pradesh
  3. Maharastra
  • Kokkal-I Made Marrige Alliance With-
  1. Chalukyas
  2. Chandels
  • Rajshekara Composed ‘Vidathsal Bhanjika’ In The Praise Of Yuvraj-I.
  • Karndeva Assumed The Title Of ‘Kalingadhipati’.


  • Assumed The Title Of ‘Vikramaditya’
  • Famous Kalchuri Ruler
  • Ratnapura Was The Capital Of the 2nd Branch Of Kalchuries.
  • Trilokya Varmana A Chandela Ruler Defeated Kulchuries And Captured ‘Dahal Mandal’.

Tomara Dynasty-

  • Anangpala Tomar Was The Founder Of the Tomara Dynasty.
  • Anangpala Tomara Established Delhi.
  • Dhillikha (Delhi) Was The Capital Of Tomaras.
  • Tomara Was The Follower Of the Vaishnavism Cult Of the Hindu Religion.
  • Jaula Tomara Was The Feudal Chief Of the Tomara Dynasty.

Sisodiya Dynasty-

  • Rajputs Of the Sisodiya Dynasty Was The Descendants Of Suryavanshi.
  • Sisodiya Dynasty Was Ruled Over Mewar Region.
  • Chittoor Was The Capital Of Mewar.
  • ‘Vijayastambha’ Of ‘Chittorgarh’ Was Constructed By Rana Kumbha On The Memory Of Her Victories.
  • Rana Kumbha Was A Music Lover.
  • Maharana Pratap Was The Famous Ruler Of the Sisodiya Dynasty.
  • The Famous Battle Of Haldi Ghati Was Fought Between Akbar And Maharana Pratap In 1576 Ad.
  • The Battle Of Khatouli Was Fought Between Rana Sanga And Ibrahim Lodhi In 1518 Ad.
  • Jhala Sardar Was The Military Commander Of Maharana Pratap.
  • Maharana Pratap’s Horse Name Was Chetak.