Q1. Why do you think there are so few cases of private water supply in the world?

Ans. Whenever the responsibility of water supply is handed over to private companies, there is a steep rise in the price of water, making it unaffordable for many people.

Q2. do you think water in Chennai is available and affordable by all? Discuss.


  • No, water in Chennai is not available and affordable by all.
  • Municipal supply meets only about half the needs of the people.
  • There are areas which get water more regularly than other.
  • Middle class people manage water through private means and afford RO’s.
  • The poor people suffers the most in water supply.

Q3. How is the sale of water by farmers to water dealers in Chennai affecting the local people? Can government do anything in this regard?


  • The sale of water by farmers has badly affected the local people. they have to face acute water crisis.
  • They fail to manage water for irrigation.
  • The government can do much in this regard, it can ban private companies from entering in towns and villages to buy water and punish those farmers who are involved in selling of water.

Q4. Why are most of the private hospitals and private schools located in major cities and not in towns and rural areas?

Ans. Private hospitals and private schools provide costly services, which people in towns and rural areas fail to afford. But people in big cities always prefer to go to these places.

Q5. Do you think the distribution of public facilities in our country is adequate and fair? Give an example of your own to explain.

Ans. No, the distribution of public facilities in our country is neither adequate nor fair.

Take the example of water supply. It is not supplied to public in sufficient measure. In VIP areas it is sufficient, but in middle or lower class areas there is no sufficient water supply.