Q1. state whether true or false.

a) Harisena composed a prashasti in praise of Gautamiputra Shri Satakarni- False

b) The rulers of Aryavarta brought tribute for Samudragupta- True

c) There were 12 rulers in Dakshinapatha- True

d) Taxila and Madurai are important centres under the control of the Gupta rulers- False

e) Aihole was the capital of Pallavas- False

f) The local assemblies functioned for several centuries in South India- True

Q2. Mention three authors who wrote about Harshavardhana.

Ans. Banabhatta, Xuan Zang and Harshavardhana himself.

Q3. What changes do you find in the army at this time?

Ans. i) The kings or the rulers maintained well organised permanent army.

ii) Rulers kept military leaders, these military leaders known as Samantas.

iii) Regular salaries were not paid to these military leaders, instead they were given grants of land.

iv) They collected revenue from the granted land and used this to maintain army expenses.

v) These military leaders provided troops to the rulers whenever they needed.

Q4. What were the new administrative arrangements during this period?

Ans. i) Some important administrative posts were now hereditary.

ii) Sometimes one person handled the responsibility of many offices.

iii) Some influential persons like, Nagara-Shreshti or Chief Banker, Sartharvaha-leader of merchant caravans, Prathama-Kulika or the Chief Craftsman.