Q1. Answer the following question briefly.

a) What are the two types of deserts found in the world?

Ans. Hot deserts and cold deserts.

b) In which continent is the Sahara desert located?

Ans. Africa.

c) What are the climatic conditions of the Ladakh desert?

Ans. The climate of the Ladakh desert is extremely cold and dry due to its high attitude. in summer the day temperature just above the 0 degree and in night it is -30 degree Celsius. In winters temperature are below -40 degree Celsius for most of the time.

d) What mainly attracts tourists to Ladakh?

Ans. The gompas, treks to see meadows and glaciers in Ladakh attracts the tourists. The ceremonies and festivities of Ladakh during winter season also attracts tourists.

e) What types of clothes the people of the Sahara desert wear?

Ans. They wear heavy robes.

f) Name the trees that grow in Ladakh.

Ans. Trees such as willows and poplars, fruit trees such as apples, apricots and walnuts and scanty patches of grasses and shrubs are grown in Ladakh.

Q2. Tick the correct answer.

i) Sahara is located in which part of Africa-

a) Eastern

b) Northern ✔

c) Western

ii) Sahara is what type of desert-

a) Cold

b) Hot ✔

c) Mild

iii) The Ladakh desert is mainly inhabited by-

a) Christians and Muslims

b) Buddhists and Muslims ✔

c) Christians and Buddhists

iv) deserts are characterised by-

a) Scanty vegetation ✔

b) Heavy precipitation

c) low evaporation

v) Hemis in Ladakh is a famous-

a) Temple

b) Church

c) Monastery ✔

vi) Egypt is famous for growing-

a) Wheat

b) maize

c) cotton ✔

Q3. Match the following.


  • Oasis – Depressions with water
  • Bedouins – Sahara
  • Oil – Libya
  • Gangri – Glacier
  • Lamayura – Monastery

Q4. Give reasons.

i) There is scanty vegetation in the deserts.

Ans. The climate of the deserts is either very hot and dry or very cold and dry, Besides this there is poor rainfall in the deserts, these conditions are not favorable for growth of vegetation.

ii) People of the Sahara desert wear heavy robes.

Ans. They wear wear heavy robes to protect themselves from the dust storms and hot winds.