Q1. Answer the following question briefly.

i) Why are people considered a resource?


  • People are considered as a resources because they utilise their brains.
  • Human made other natural resources useful according to their needs.

ii) What are the causes for the uneven distribution of population in the world?

Ans. Population density depends on the climate conditions and topography of the place. very few people live in higher latitudes, deserts and mountainous areas. whereas large number of people reside in plains.

iii) The world population has grown very rapidly. Why?

Ans. The world population has grown rapidly because of the development in medical science due to this death rate is declining and the birth rate is same so population of the world is increasing very fast.

iv) Discuss the role of any two factors influencing population change.

Ans. Geographical factors– people prefer to live on plains, moderate climate and on fertile land suitable for agriculture.

Economic factors– people prefer to industrial areas where they got the opportunity of employment.

v) What is meant by population composition?

Ans. The structure of population with various respects like age, sex, literacy rate occupations, health facilities, economic condition etc. is called population composition.

vi) What are population pyramids? How do they help in understanding about the population of a country?


  • A population pyramid is a pictorial way to describe the population composition.
  • The size towards the bottom may be used to estimate the birth rate.
  • While the size towards the top to estimate the death rate.

Q2. Tick the correct answer.

i) Which does the term population distribution refer to?

a) How population in a specified area changes over time.

b) The number of people who die in relation to the number of people born in a specified area.

c) The way in which people are spread across a given area. ✔

ii) Which are the three main factors that cause population change?

a) Births, Deaths and marriage.

b) Births, Deaths and migration ✔

c) Births, Deaths and life expectancy.

iii) In 1999 the world population reached-

a) 1 billion

b) 3 billion

c) 6 billion ✔

iv) What is a population pyramid?

a) A graphical presentation of the age sex composition of a population. ✔

b) When the population density of an area is so high that people live in tall buildings.

c) Pattern of population distribution in large urban areas.

Q3. Complete the sentences below using some of the following words.

Ans. when people are attracted to an area it becomes densely populated. factors that influence this include favorable climate; good supplies of natural resources and fertile land.

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