Q1. List to fundamental rights in the constitution that dalits can draw upon to insist that they be treated with dignity and as equals. Reread the fundamental rights listed on the page 14 of the textbook to help your answer this question.

Ans.  I) right to equality and  ii) right against exploitation.

Q2. Re-read the story on rathnam as well as the provisions of the 1989 scheduled castes and scheduled tribes (prevention of atrocities) act. Now list one reason why do you think he used this law to file a complaint.

Ans. This law provides protection to dalits and adivasis. Therefore rathnam sought the support of this law.

Q3. Why do adivasis activists including c.k. janu, believe that adivasis can also use this 1989 act to fight against dispossession? Is there anything specific in the provisions of the act that allows her to believe this?


  • The act guarantees adivasis not top be dispossessed from there traditional homelands.
  • The land belonging to adivasis cannot be sold to or bought by non-tribal people.
  • The constitution the right of tribal people to repossess their land.