Q1. Match the following.

William jones   –   respect for ancient cultures

Rabindranath tagore   –   learning in the natural environment

Thomas macaulay  –  promotion of english education

Mahatma gandhi  –  critical of english education

Pathshalas  –  gurus

Q2. State weather true of false.

  1. James mill was a severe critic of the orientalists.- true
  2. The 1854 despatch on education was in favour of english being introduced as a medium of higher education in india- true.
  3. Mahatma gandhi thought that promotion of literacy was the most important aim of edcation- false.
  4. Rabindranath tagore felt that children ought to be subjected to strict discipline-false.

Q3. Why did william jones feel the need to study indian history, philosophy and law?

Ans. He felt the need because these texts could reveal the ideas and laws of the hindus and muslims and this could form the basis of future development in india.

Q4. Why did james mill and thomas macaulay think that european education was essential in india?

Ans. Both of them saw india as an uncivilised country that needed to be civilised. They felt that knowledge of english would allow indians to read some of the finest literature of the world.

Q5. Why did mahatma gandhi want to teach children handicraft?

Ans. Mahatma gandhi wanted to teach children handicrafts because only then they would be able to know how different things were operated.

Q6. Why did mahatma gandhi think that english education had enslaved indians?

Ans. He argued that this type of education had created a sense of inferiority in the minds of indians and had destroyed the pride they had in their own culture and made them strangers in their own lands.