Q1. In what ways is a hawker different from a shop owner?


  • A hawker provides door to door services whereas a shop owner runs his shop at one fixed place.
  • A hawker sells unbranded goods whereas shop owner generally sold branded goods.
  • A hawker sells his goods at minimum profit whereas shop owner sells his goods on more profit.

Q2. Compare and contrast a weekly market and a shopping complex on the following.


MarketKind of goods soldPrices of goodsSellersBuyers
Weekly marketGoods of every day useAffordable pricesSmall tradersLocal and low income group people
Shopping marketBranded goods such as clothes, footwear, home appliances and eatables items.Higher pricesBig business men and tradersWealthy people

Q3. Explain how a chain of markets is formed. What purpose does it serve?

Ans. Goods are produced in factories then it reached to whole sellers and then to retailers and then these goods are finally reached in the hands of buyers or consumers. Here from factories to final consumers a chain is formed. It serves a great purpose of maintaining a flow of money and easy availability of various items of our daily use.

Q4. All persons have equal rights to visit any shop in a market place. Do you think this is true of shops with expensive products? Explain with examples.

Ans. Yes, it is equally true of shops with expensive products. As consumers can visit any shop even though we have no money in our pockets the shop owner is bound to show the articles which the consumers ask him to show.

Example- kavita and sujata went to a shopping mall and entered  a shop and they have no plan to buy anything . They looked  dresses and moved away without buying.

Q5. Buying and selling can take place without going toa market place. Explain this statement with the help of examples.

Ans. This is the age of internet, it changed the way of shopping and buying. We can place orders through the internetr and the goods are delivered at our place.

Example- we can order any item or goods from online shopping sites, we can made payments online through credit or debit cards or use internet banking then the thing are delivered at our door step.