Q1. Answer the following question briefly.

A) what are the four means of transport?

Ans. Roadways, railways, waterways and airways.

B) what do you understand by the term settlement?

Ans. The term settlement refers to a place where people build their homes to live in.

C) which are the activities practices by the rural people?

Ans. The activities practiced by the rural people are farming, fishing, forestry, trading  and craft work etc.

D) mention any two merits of railways.


  • Railways carry people over long distances quickly and cheaply.
  • They carry heavy goods in bulk.

E) what do you understand by the communication?

Ans. Communication is a process by which we convey our messages to other.

F) what is mass media?

Ans. The communication medium by which we communicate with a large number of people is called mass media. Example- newspaper, television, radio, internet etc.

Q2. Tick the correct answer.

A) which is not a means of communication?

  1. Telephone

Ii) books

Iii) table

B) which type of road is constructed under the ground?

  1. Flyover

Ii) expressways

Iii) subways

C) which mode of transport is most suitable to reach an island?

  1. Ship

Ii) train

Iii) car

D) which vechile does not pollute the environment?

  1. Cycle

Ii) bus

Iii) aeroplane

Q3. Match the following.

Internet  – a means of communication

Canal route  –  inland waterways

Urban areas  – areas where people are engaged in manufacturing, trade and services.

Compact settlement  – closely built area of houses.

Q4. Give reasons.

  1. Todays world is shrinking.

Ans. Modern technology used in transport, communication and information technology has trapped the whole world in its fist. Now we can get the news of a far off land just with a blinck of our eyes. The use of internet has made everything available in our plates. So we can say that todays world is shrinking.