Q1. In what ways does media play an important role in a democracy?


  • Media provides news and discusses event taking place in the country and the world.
  • It also criticises the unpopular policies and programmes of the government.
  • Media forms public opinion.

Q2. Can you give this diagram a title? What do you understand about the link between media and big business from this diagram?

Ans. Title- media and big business houses.

          big business houses attract people to promote their products through media. It is the best and the cheapest means to reach people at large.

Q3. You have read about the ways in which the media sets the agenda. What kind of effect does this have in a democracy? Provide two examples to support your point of view.

Ans. Media can build up a public opinion in favour of or against any issue. Today media has diverted from its real agenda instead of highlighting public issues it is now concentrating upon cheap agendas like fashion shows, child falling in pit etc.