Q1. How would maya’s life be different in south africa today?

Ans. Maya’s life would be different in south africa today. She treats equally in school, hospital. She    would get the equal voting right, use language of her choice.

Q2. What are the various ways in which people participate in the process of government?

Ans. These are the various ways-

  • Through voting in election people can choose their leader.
  • People express their views through several ways, they stage dharnas, hold raillies  strikes etc.
  • People also organizing themselves into social movements to seek governments attention.

Q3. What do you think we need the government to find solutions to many disputes or conflicts?

Ans. Government is a constitutional body that maintains law and order. It consists of the  representatives of all classes from all parts of the country. So it can resolve conflicts in the interest of the people.

Q4. What actions does the government take to ensure that all people are treated equally?

Ans. The government makes laws and enforces them to abolish all sorts of discriminations. It makes provisions to provide equal facilities to all classes of people.

Q5. Read through the chapter and discuss some of the key ideas of a democratic government. Make a list. For example all people are equal.


  • All people are equal
  • Justice to all.
  • Abolition of discriminations.
  • Equal status to all religions.
  • Opportunities to all people.