Q1. Which ruler first established his or her capital at delhi?

Ans. The tomara rajput.

Q2. What was the language of administration under the delhi sultans?

Ans. It was persian.

Q3. In whose reign did the sultanate reach its farthest extent?

Ans. Muhammad tughluq.

Q4. From which country did ibn battuta travel to india?

Ans. Morocco (africa).

Q5. According to the ‘circle of justice’ why was it important for military commandersto keep the interests of the peasantry in mind?

Ans. According to the circle of justice-

  • Peasantry was the backbone of the entire kingdom because it was the source of revenue.
  • The soldiers got his salaries from the revenue.
  • So it was necessary to keep the peasants prosperous and happy.
  • That’s why the military commanders kept the interests of the peasantry at the top.

Q6. What is meant by the ‘internal’ and ‘external’ frontiers of the sultanate?

Ans. Internal frontiers- means the hinterland of the garrison towns. The expansion was initiated by clearing the forests of Ganga-Yamuna doab.

external frontiers- means the areas beyond the hinterland of the garrison towns. Expansion of external frontiers started by alauddin khalji in southern india.

Q7. What were the steps taken to ensure that muqtis performed their duties?why do you think they may have wanted to defy the orders of the sultans?

Ans. The steps are given below-

  • Accountants were appointed by the state to check the amount of revenue collected.
  • Care was taken whether muqti’s collected taxes prescribed by state.
  • It was also taken care that he kept only the required number of soldiers.
  • They are also transferred frequently.

Q8. What was the impact of the mongol invasions on the delhi sultanate?


  • Delhi sultans mobilized a large standing army in delhi.
  • Alauddin khalji constructed a new garrison town at siri for his soldiers.
  • Alauddin khalji imposed taxes on land to feed the army at the rate of 50%.
  • Muhammad tugluq shifted his capital from delhi to daulatabad in south.

Muhammad tugluq converted delhi in garrison town