Q1.Match the following.


Stupa- Mound

Shikhara- Tower

Mandapa- Place in temples where people could assemble

Garbhagriha- place where the image of the deity is installed

Pradakshina path- circular path around the stupa

Q2. fill in the blanks.

i) Aryabhatta was a great astronomer.

ii) Stories about gods and goddesses are found in the Puranas.

iii) Valmiki is recognised as the author of the Sanskrit Ramayana.

iv) Sillappadikaram and Manimekalai are two Tamil epics.

Q3. Make a list of chapters in which you find mention of metals working. What are the metal objects mentioned or shown in those chapters?

Ans. i) In the earliest cities- Copper, Gold and Silver.

ii) What books and burials tell us- Iron and Gold.