What is Buddhism? Founder, Facts, & Origins


Lord buddha

The founder of Buddhism was ‘Gautam buddha’

Birthplace– ‘Lumbini’ near Kapil Vastu in 563 bc

Father’s name– Shuddhodhan (head of Sakya gana)

Mother’s name– mahamaya (who died after 7 days of his birth)

Childhood name– Siddharth

Other names– Tathagat and Sakyamuni

Wife– Yashodhara (he married at the age of 16)

Son– Rahul

Left his home at the age of 29, this incident is known as ‘mahabhinishkramana’

The first spiritual teacher was ‘alarakalama’

Died in 483 bc at the age of 80 at kushinara Uttar Pradesh. This incident was known as ‘mahaparinirwana’

The tree under which buddha died- shaal tree

Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and mahaparinirvana happened on Vaishak Poornima

Buddha followed and preached the middle way or ‘madhyma pratipad’

Symbol of mahaparinirwana- stupa

Enlightenment (Gyan prapti)

At the age of 35 after hard renunciation

At Bodhgaya

Under a peepal tree

On the bank of falgu river

First preaching

Gave his first preaching in Sarnath

Which is known as ‘dharmchakraprawartan’

Gave his preachings in paali language

Beliefs of Buddhism

Believed in rebirth

Sacred direction- south


Disciples of Buddha are divided into two parts ‘bhikshu ‘and ‘upasak’

‘upsampada’ or ‘pravrajya’ is the step when one got entry in the Buddhist sangha

The minimum entry age in sangha was 15 years

Buddha permitted entry of women in the sangha on the request of his disciple Anand

Tri-ratna of Buddhism

  • Buddha
  • Dhamma
  • Sangha

Sects of Buddhism

The Buddhist religion was divided into 2 sects ‘after the 4th Buddhist council

Heenyana sect- believed in the symbolic presence of buddha, 

Mahayaana sect- worshipped the idol of buddha

Vajrayana sect- of Buddhism associated with ‘tantra’ and ‘mantra’

The Vajrayana community is found in the areas of east Asia, Tibet, Mongolia, and Himalayan states

Vihar & chetya

A place where Buddhist bhikshu stayed- buddha vihar

Worship place of Buddhism- chetya

10 sheel in Buddhism-

  • Ahimsa
  • Asteya
  • Aparigraha
  • Satya
  • Avoid drinking liquor
  • Brahmacharya
  • Relinquish music and dance
  • Taking a meal at the right time
  • Avoid soft bedding
  • Avoid collection of money