Who was Alexander the Great? Empire & Death | History.



Born in 356 bc

Father– Philip-ii became ruler of Macedonia in 359 bc

His father assassinated by his bodyguards in 336 bc

Disciple of

Aristotle a Greek philosopher


Macedon between 336-323 bc

Invaded India

During 326 bc

Army chief

Seleucus nicator

Stayed in India

For 19 months and returned in 325 bc


In 323 bc at the age of 33 due to fever in Babylon

The battle of hydaspes (326 bc)

Fought between alexander-iii and Indian king porus

In this battle, Porus surrendered

Fought near the banks of the Jhelum river

The Alexander-III army refused to go beyond the beas river

Due to homesickness and they

Heard about the strong army of Magadha

Alexander-III appointed

Philip as satrap of Indian occupying areas

Later Seleucus nicator took these areas in the seleucid empire

Seleucid maurayan war (305-303 bc)

Fought between Seleucus nicator and Chandra Gupta Maurya

Chandragupta Maurya occupied Indian satrapies of the Macedonian empire

Seleucus nicator tried to retake the areas of Indian satrapies

Seleucus nicator was defeated in this war

He married his daughter Cornelia to Chandragupta

According to the ‘treaty’ Seleucus nicator gave areas to Chandra Gupta Maurya-

  • Kandhar
  • Kabul
  • Makran
  • Herat